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Tungsten Alloy CT Shielding For Sale[ Supply ]

Tungsten alloy shielding part is the first choice for radiation shielding. It can be used in the medical field and industrial field. Compared with the traditional shielding materials, the shielding property of the tungsten alloy is much better.Due to its high density, the volume of tungsten alloy is 1/3 smaller than lead, but shielding property is equivalent. They are also used as collimators and shields for radiotherapy and syringe shields.

Tungsten alloy for CT shielding for sale:They are mainly used in medical areas, PET shielding injection, tungsten alloy protective pot, deoxyribose (FDG) container, the camera detector and technetium generator.


ASTM B 777-07/AMS-T-21014/AMS7725E/ Standard for other military purpose high density tungsten alloy


Turning state / Polishing state /Grinding state/ Sand blasting treatment / Blackening


Wooden boxes, cartons and steel drum

Tungsten Syringe Shield (W Syringe Shield):It also called injection shields, are designed to reduce hand exposure to radioactive injections environment. With a great ability of radiation shielding, the barrel of the tungsten syringe shield can reach 0.06''-0.08''. And it is able to reduce radiation exposure from Tc-99m by more than 99%.


High density; High melting point; Small volume; High hardness; High ultimate tensile strength; Easy cutting; High elastic modulus; It can effectively absorb X rays and gamma rays (the absorption of X rays and γ rays is 30~40% higher than lead);Non-poisonous , no pollution; Strong corrosion resistance; Good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and so on.

Our products are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care was taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

Our tungsten alloy products are mainly divided into two series: W-Ni-Fe (magnetic) and W-Ni-Cu (non-magnetic). Tungsten alloy rod, ball, plate and other shapes are available. We also do customized products. According to customers’ drawings, we can produce various shapes, integrate design, production with machining.

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