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Waste W Powder

1. Recycle waste tungsten carbide products and W powder. 2. Scrap containing W, Co, Mo We have always purchased at high price ...

Hunan Hongtai Tungsten Industry  2020/1/6

Tungsten Carbide Bar

Our company need a lot of tungsten carbide bar used for cutting tools production. If both of us are satisfied with the first cooperation, we can estab..

Omikron Machine Works(Wuhan)Co.,Ltd  2017/9/17

tungsten carbide powder

We need electrolytic tungten carbide powder,of high Cobalt content...

Dangyang WuZi Hard Metal Co.,Ltd  2009/5/5

Tungsten carbide scrap

1. Recycle tungsten caribide scrap produced when grinding and polishing. 2.Waste hard metal :all kinds of tungsten carbide waste including powder or ..

Hongtai Tungsten (Changsha) Recycling Company  2008/10/26

Rejected hard metal cutting tools

We demand rejected hard metal cutting tools,dies and leftover bits and pieces in large amount. Welcome to contact us for business.QQ: 244744246..

Chengdu Chengxin  2008/10/2

Tungsten steel powder scrap

Our factory is specialized in tungsten based products recycling. We are the leading company of scrap recycling in China. We always purchase waste hard..

Hunan Yongxing Powder Metallurgy Factory  2007/6/24

tungsten carbide waste

Recycle tungsten caribide scrap produced when grinding and polishing...

Hu'nan Changheng Powder Metallurgy Factory  2007/6/17

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