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YSK-I Series Coercive Force Meter[ Supply ]

YSK Series is manufactured according to the methods and principles for measuring coercive force in open magnetic circuit specified in IEC60407-7 standard, and also confirming to ISO3326-1975 and GB3848-82. It can directly and rapidly measure the coercive force of all kinds of hard metal materials standard or special shaped. It has high accuracy and stable performance, easy to operate and maintain.
YSD has followed types according to the specifications of equipped measuring device:
YSK-IA: equipped measuring device of φ30mm;
YSK-IB: equipped measuring device of φ60mm;
YSK-IC: equipped measuring device of φ100mm;
YSK-ID: equipped measuring device of φ115mm;
YSK-IE: equipped measuring devices ofφ60mm and φ30mm;
YSK-IF: equipped measuring devices ofφ100mm and φ30mm;
YSK-IG: equipped measuring devices ofφ100mm and φ60mm;
YSK-IH: equipped measuring devices ofφ115mm and φ30mm;
YSK-II: equipped measuring devices ofφ115mm and φ60mm;

Technical Parameters:
Working Power: AC220V±10%;50Hz(60Hz±2Hz);
Power Consumption: For YSK-ID, less than 2200VA in largest moment; For other types, lower than this value.
Magnetized Field Intensity: not lower than 200KA/m;
Measuring range grading of Hc value: 20KA/m; 40KA/m;
Max display resolution of Hc value: 0.01KA/m;
Hc value processing method: digit displayed in three and a half, which can be kept until next measuring.
Measuring accuracy: ±1% when above 20KA/m, ±0.2KA/m when below 20KA/m; YSK-IA can directly measure the sample of 2g.For smaller sample, please pile up to measure.
Measuring method: Manual, Automatically;
Automatic measuring time: 3s-15s. Manual: 100s controlling time, can stop ahead of time at any time in 15s-100s after measuring start.
Main Machine: 440×400×200mm
Magnetizing Power: 440×360×200mm
Measuring Device: 440×440×200mm
Main Machine: 30kg
Magnetizing Power: 10--20Kg
Measuring Device: 10--32Kg
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