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ZhuZhou GuangYuan Cemented Material Co., Ltd [China]

ZhuZhou GuangYuan Cemented Material Co., Ltd is located at Zhuzhou city which is the industrial base in China of cemented carbide and its raw materials. With the spirit of "First Quality and Best Reputation ̄ and based on the advanced equipments and technologies, our company is specialized in...

Chuen Bao (Xiamen) Carbide Metal Co. [China]

tungsten carbide powder, sintered blanks, precision moulds&dies

Anhua Gaoming Lianxin Tungsten Co.,Ltd [China]

Anhua Gaoming Lianxin Tungsten Co.,Ltd, founded in 1997, mainly produces tungsten carbide powder, cobalt oxide powder,cobalt oxalate powder, hard metal, powder metallurgy. We also reclaim waste hard metal products, waste tungsten powder, grinding waste and all waste that containing tungsten, Co and ...

Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd(XTC) [China]

Smelting APT 、BTO 、YTO 、 Powders Tungsten Powders 、T. Carbide Powders 、Ready to Press Powders 、 Battery Materials Hydrogen storage electrode alloy powders 、Nickel Hydrite 、Lithium Co

Hicoo Tungsten Carbide Products Co.,Ltd [china]

Wuxi HiCoo Tungsten Carbide Co.,Ltd not only has brought the advanced production technology, but has introduced the international first-class managerial experience and the broad international market. The product sells in distant market countries and the area and such as the Europe and America, Japan...

Xiamen Tungsten CO.,Ltd [China]

Hengdian Group DMEGC magnetic limited company [China]

Hengdian Group DMEGC magnetic limited company is a shareholding system enterprise which was initiated by Hengdian Group on March 30 th 1999 and united with other 4 enterprise legal persons together. It is a large first-grade technically leading corporation at the national level which integrated prod...

Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co., Ltd. [China]


Founded in 1997,Chaozhou Xianglu Tungsten lndusty Co.Ltd.,is one of the largest private company for the production of Ammonium Paratungstate and Blue/Yellow Tungsten Oxide with a capacity of 5000 tons a year,and Tungsten Metal and Carbide Powder every 3000tons a year.As one to the top 13 enterpr...

Jiangsu Hetian Technological Material Co., Ltd [China]

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