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Dezhou Perforated Metal Sheet Factory

    Perforated metals can control the passage of air, liquid, light, solids, heat, electromagnetic waves, and sound waves. 

With these abilities, perforated metals are often found in the following OEM applications:

clothes washer and dryer drums 
speaker covers 
automotive grills 
exhaust components 
airplane engine silencers 
grain dryers 
microwave ovens 
computer cabinets 
In addition to OEM applications, perforated metals are also used for their aesthetics in architectural and design applications such as facades, fixtures, and privacy panels. 

As seen in the table below, there are a variety of industries which use perforated materials for their various functions. 

Perforated metals are used in a number of different applications for a variety of reasons. 

Perforated Metal Uses: 
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Main Business: Heavy metal
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Main Product: Perforated metals can control the passage of air, liquid, light, solids, heat, electromagnetic waves, and sound waves. With these abilities, perforated metals are often found in the following OEM applications: clothes washer and dryer drums speaker covers automotive grills exhaust components airplane engine silencers grain dryers microwave ovens computer cabinets In addition to OEM applications, perforated metals are also used for their aesthetics in architectural and design applications such as facades, fixtures, and privacy panels. As seen in the table below, there are a variety of industries which use perforated materials for their various functions. Perforated metals are used in a number of different applications for a variety of reasons. Perforated Metal Uses: screens filters shields guards
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