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Zhuzhou Jiabang Refractory Metal Co,Ltd

    Zhuzhou Jiabang Refractory Metal Co., Ltd. located in Zhuzhou Hunan Province China,has excellent communication and transport infrastructure. 
Our company is mainly deal with Molybdenum and Molybdenum alloys, Tungsten and Tungsten alloys(high density tungsten alloy, heavy alloy, tungsten heavy alloys, tungsten alloy, tungsten alloys, W-based alloys, tungsten based high density alloys), Carbide cemented, and other Refractory Metal Products. Our products have been used in wide rang of industries, including electronics ,lighting, semiconductor ,automotive, fiberglass ,aircraft ,medical and many others. 
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Main Business: Heavy metal
Country: China
Main Product: tungsten alloy nuclear shielding 2, tungsten nuclear shielding 3,MCL 4, Tungsten sinker bar, 5,tungsten alloy spheres 6,tungsten heavy alloy cube 7, tungsten ball 8, tungsten FDG container 9, tungsten alloy nuclear shielding, 10,tungsten heavy alloy Balanced part,Carbide cemented, and other Refractory Metal Products.
Add: NO.1 Hongqi R.D Zhuzhou Hunan P.R China
Postcode: 412000
Tel: 086-0733-8410199
Cellphone Number:
Fax: 086-0733-8415766
Who for contact: binrong

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