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Zhuzhou Sunlink Alloy Co., Ltd [China]

Zhuzhou Sunlink Alloy Co., Ltd has been providing high quality refractory metal for over 10 years. Tungsten Alloys and Copper and Silver Composites and Tungsten Carbide are our specialties. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified.Tungsten alloys: 300MT per annum. Theproduction strictly follows the China avia...

Dezhou Perforated Metal Sheet Factory [shandong]

Perforated metals can control the passage of air, liquid, light, solids, heat, electromagnetic waves, and sound waves. With these abilities, perforated metals are often found in the fo

Zhuzhou Jiabang Refractory Metal Co,Ltd [China]

Zhuzhou Jiabang Refractory Metal Co., Ltd. located in Zhuzhou Hunan Province China,has excellent communication and transport infrastructure. Our company is mainly deal with Molybdenum and Molybdenum alloys, Tungsten and Tungsten alloyshigh density tungsten alloy, heavy alloy, tungsten heavy alloy...

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